Weaving Passion and Sustainability at LinenIsLove

Welcome to "Prints on Linen", a saga that began in 2015 with a simple but powerful mission: to reimagine linen—a timeless natural fabric—into vibrant, artistically designed products that brighten everyday life while respecting the earth.

At LinenIsLove, our philosophy is woven into every piece of fabric we create. We started with a dream to showcase linen’s versatility beyond its traditional uses, transforming it through color and design. Our website, www.printsonlinen.com, is a testament to this vision, offering you a rich array of designs crafted by talented designers or the option to personalize your very own unique linen creation.

Why linen? Because it's natural, organic, and inherently beautiful. We use only 100% linen, treating it with pigmented, water-based dyes sourced from esteemed Japanese suppliers. Linen is challenging to work with, but it’s a challenge we embrace. To enhance its softness and texture, we employ stone washing techniques, which sometimes leads to slight shrinking—a mark of true craftsmanship and quality.

As our community has grown, so has our platform. "Linen is Love," our Etsy store, is more than a shop—it's a reflection of our passion and pride in creating products that are not only ecological but also bring color and uniqueness to the often-muted palette of natural textiles.

Our goal is to deliver excellence and inspire a more natural, joyful lifestyle with every product we offer. We invite you to explore our collection and find something that speaks to you, something that makes your day a little brighter and your home a little more 'you'.

Thank you for choosing LinenIsLove. We're delighted to have you with us on this colorful journey. If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts, we're here and happy to chat. Your smile is our success!


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